Abraham Tilbury Drops Newest Collab With Amy Axegale “So Right”


Photo & Artwork: Aneta Urbanite & Mango Girl

Aussie artist Abraham Tilbury returns with a new indietronica single titled “So Right,” which he co-produced with his Melbourne artist friend Amy Axegale. Layered with dripping samples and tinkering beats, “So Right” induces you into a hazy state of mind-wandering. This is the track that you listen on-repeat when you feel like procrastinating reality:

According to Abraham, “[I] wrote ‘So Right’ as a reflection on my time in Melbourne. The beauty of this track was that before I had started recording vocals, I sung the lyrics for WA artist Jcal & he insisted it was my next release. Getting behind the scenes support from friends such as Amy Axegale, Jcal & Golden Vessel, has really made this release a special one for me.”

“So Right” is out now everywhere.