CROOK’s “my bf (kinda)” Is For All Your Highly Questionable Relationships

Dark, celestial portrait of your semi-romance

Photo: Nikk Martin

Irish-born, Berlin-based artist CROOK wraps our head around with the enigmatic air that surrounds a semi-relationship with his latest single “my bf (kinda).” It’s a pop-punk piece where CROOK delineates a form of loneliness you get by being with someone who is halfheartedly present. It’s hauntingly celestial that feels dark and wistful at the same time, portraying love at its most cruel form:

“This is a love song where it’s not clear who’s in love with whom and to what extent. And it’s not clear what kind of love it is. If this sounds like *your* experience of love, you’ll probably enjoy this song,” explained CROOK.

“my bf (kinda)” is out now via Sleep Well Records.