Hazel English Introduces Us To Her Fairylike Cult In New Video “Shaking”

Dream pop from wonderland

Photo: Janelle Shirtcliff

Hazel English takes us into the fairylike world of an intimate cult in new Erin S Murray-directed video “Shaking” where we see her take a new member into her all-male tribe. Hazel serves as the dominant female energy in the center who stands as the leader, dream lover, and friend. Filled with fuzzy tones of wistful melody, it’s a pop that has been glossed with the fleecy layers of shoegaze:

“There is a lot more I am trying to explore under the surface that I hope people notice,” explained Hazel in reference to the new track. “I feel like I’m on this continual journey of figuring out what I truly believe and separating it from the false and toxic ideas I was taught about myself and the world throughout my life. I hope I can inspire others to also search for their inners truth and find their own inner strength in the process.”

“Shaking” marks the first new music since her 2017’s double EP release, Never Going Home and Just Give In. Be on the lookout for more news from Hazel.