Green Buzzard Is The Best Anchorman To Cover Crisis In “Clutter & Mess”

Coming at you with the latest accidents

Still from Green Buzzard – Clutter & Mess (Official Video) YouTube

Sydney-based artist Green Buzzard, aka Paddy Harrowsmith, becomes the epitome of breaking news in new video “Clutter & Mess” where we see him cover a car accident while juggling tech difficulties and law forces. With breezy riffs coated with shiny strings, “Clutter & Mess” floats through your system as the sleek vocals of Paddy fizzles with its echoes:

“Clutter & Mess” is from Green Buzzard’s upcoming debut album Amidst The Clutter & Mess, which will be out tomorrow November 8th. Speaking of which, Paddy shared:

“The reason I chose to name the album after this song was for a couple reasons: I felt it completely summed up the mood of the album lyrically – the line “Amidst the clutter and the mess” is basically how all of 2017 felt for me. It was a pretty turbulent year. After I wrote this song, it really shaped how I wanted the rest of the album to sound. It was sort of a benchmark for the feeling and mood, a starting point, so it felt right to name the album after it.”