Lebanese Teen Artist Japan, Man Explores The Pressures Of Our Insta-Judgemental Era

Listen to her new single “The Law”

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, 15-year-old artist Japan, Man is smudging the boundaries of pop with her own quirky flair while exploring the complexities of being a human in the era of insta judgement where people immediately set expectations on you through social media, cultural trends, etc. Her latest single “The Law” is a pop splendor that has been seasoned with flavorful intricacies of indie elements while also keeping an easygoing hook. Exploring the pressures that come from external judgement, “The Law” is Japan, Man’s own way of lifting the pressures of others:

“As people try to find their way through life, understand their purpose, or unlock a healthy mental state, they are being scrutinised by others. Living under people’s judgment can make you think your way of finding yourself is wrong, leading you to assume that your personal expansion is criminal and shameful,” shared the gal.

Laeticia Acra is the mastermind behind Japan, Man who explores existential themes with her music. “The Law” is from the gal’s upcoming debut EP, which will be arriving spring 2020 – stay tuned.