Leo Dessi Makes Harmony Out of Distortion

Listen to “Somebody New”

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Parisian artist Leo Dessi uses a rare mixture of distorted vocals and twisted rhythmic intricacies that yield a bizarre, yet fluid, melody. His latest single “Somebody New” unpeels the bright and dark layers of love that he also captures through the contrasting melodic textures. Stream below:

In regards to the song, Leo shared:

“My latest track, ‘Somebody New,’ is a love story. You know how much of a paradox love can be; I tried to show that within the weird song structure and change of intensity. The first verse leaves you feeling a little cold. Nothing is squared. you get lost in time a little bit. the hook hits and you feel good, warm, in a place where you can relate and connect. The second part of “Somebody New” explodes as I let go of the frustration, building up until reaching an almost violent climax. The hook comes back again to emphasize that contradiction of love. You find yourself lost in feelings and time once more.”

Formerly known as Art of Shades, Leo is now releasing music under his real name. “Somebody New” is just the beginning of Leo’s new chapter.