Tennyson’s “Telescope” Is A Binge-Worthy Anthem Of Nostalgia

Cosmic indietronica

Photo: Courtesy of Listen Up PR

Canadian sibling duo Tennyson injects us with a swelling dose of otherworldliness with their latest single “Telescope,” a galactic electronic piece that is washed with misty waves of lush synths. There is a smeared quality to the dripping rhythm as it is filled with beats that dissolve, thrush, fade, and breath in its sonic stratosphere. Lyrically, you can hear faint traces of human voice, but it is mostly clouded within the production that lets the listeners take the song to wherever they want. Hit play:

In their own words, the track “captures this beauty and exaggerates just enough so that it matches the memory of being there and not the iPhone photo you took.”

“Telescope” is a taste of their upcoming EP and also a glimpse into their new collaborative project with visual artist Waneella. Stay tuned for more details on the new EP from the duo.