Oddnesse’s “Lover’s Calling” Is Dreamy Chill Pop

An exploration of change

Artwork courtesy of Purple Bite

Oddnesse unpeels our contradictory emotions towards change in new single “Lover’s Calling.” The track is a laidback, easygoing anthem that dissects our fear of change and the journey it takes to embrace change. This is the track you can hibernate with as you reflect back on this year and next:

“I was restless when I wrote this song. Change was inevitable, but I was afraid to act. I imagined all sorts of destructive consequences—hurt feelings, loss of status, judgement, stability—none of them real. In avoidance, I went numb for a while. Then one night came a full moon, a new experience, a new flirtation. It was just enough of a taste, of a fuller, deeper, mountaintop connection, to remind me that I still had life in me and something better was waiting. So I stopped clinging and let the cards fall. Because no one wants to be on their death bed wondering ‘what if?’” shared Oddnesse.

Comprised of Rebeca Arango and Grey Goon, Oddnesse formed when the two former east coasters met in LA. Since their partnership, the duo has been making waves with their sound that falls between psychedelia and chill pop.