The Criticals’ Debut EP ‘Mimosa Hygiene’ Is Rock’N’Roll Eden

Keeping the classical spirit of rock alive with refreshing energy

Photo: Courtesy of Team Clermont

Nashville-based duo The Criticals has released their debut EP Mimosa Hygiene, a crafty record of rock’n’roll that is wild and delicate at the same time. While the record does have the old-school energy of rock, it finds unexpected ways to reinvigorate some of the most commonly used elements of the genre. Filled with blood-gushing riffs, heartfelt reflections, and leathery edginess, Mimosa Hygiene is a zestful portrait of youth, lust, and vulnerability – hit play:

“Six months of no sleep, locking ourselves in the studio and countless good times. This has been our baby for the better half of 2019 and it’s so rewarding to present it to you in its entirety today!” shared the duo.

Comprised of Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart, The Criticals started out back in 2018 and has quickly garnered buzz across the media for their music. Keep the duo under your radar for more news in 2020.