When Adulting Kills Your Soul, Play Meija’s “Kid”

“I’m a kid oh my god”

Photo: Ana Sierota

LA-based artist Meija, aka Jamie Sierota, offers sonic remedy to our dying inner child spirit with his single “Kid.” It’s quirky indie pop filled with sassy hooks and a familiar sense of despair that we acquire – unintentionally – as we enter adulthood. The track is a playful melody, BUT there are subtle moody details within the melody that resonate with the emotional growing pains. As you get older and more aware of your environment, your youthful spirit starts getting desiccated by politics, taxes, climate change, rent, dehydration, etc. Do you really get wiser with age? Fuck no:

The track is from Meija’s latest EP So Long, Kid, which is out now and breaks down our adulting pains even further. So grab your wine, ice cream, Kleenex, and hit play:

So Long, Kid is an EP about growing up and facing the new realities that come with it. As a kid you don’t have to worry about commitment, politics or like how you’re going to pay rent. It’s quite the culture shock when you have to though. I don’t want to lose that youthful spirit that we all have as kids.”

When Meija is not addressing how dead we’re on the inside through groovy bangers, he’s cuddling with carbs. Which is very illegal in LA: