Cousin Kula’s New EP ‘Stroodles’ Is Psych Pop On Rainbow Steroids

Yes, it sounds like a candy brand

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel PR

Bristol-based group Cousin Kula released their EP Stroodles out to the world so we can all go on a psychedelic journey into the funky cosmos while also getting high with crayons. For some reason, Stroodles sounds delicious – it sounds like a highly artificial candy brand that all your childhood friends would’ve coveted for during lunch trades. While the record is not edible, each song is a swirling mixture of pop, disco, funk, psychedelia, and afrobeat that opens our auditory palate to a whole different level:

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11/13 Falmouth Fives

11/15 Liverpool Sound Basement

11/16 Stockton Georgian Theatre

11/18 London Electrowerkz

11/20 Bristol Crofters Rights

11/22 Manchester Off The Square

11/23 Glasgow Hug And Pint

11/24 Edinburgh Sneaky Pete’s