If Your Existential GPS Refuses To Work, Play Thyla’s “Lenox Hill”


Photo: Sapphire Needham

Brighton-based band Thyla goes back to their childhood roots in new single “Lennox Hill.” Well, specifically frontwoman Millie Duthie’s roots. But the gist of the song can be applied to every adult who feels lost in a breakneck world where they get constantly pulled and pushed everywhere. The melody is a glorious 80s throwback that feels poppier and has the quartet’s swag sprayed on it. Enjoy:

Regarding the single, the gal shared: “Lenox Hill is the hospital I was born in, with the track inspired by my early years as a kid living in New York City. It’s an honest and emotional coming-of-age tale. Life can take so many turns and you can forget where you came from and what makes you you. The important stuff like family can get set aside in the pursuit of whatever it is that drives you. ‘Lenox Hill’ is about realising you’re lost and deciding to go back to your roots to find the way again.”

Comprised of Millie (vocals, guitar), Mitch Duce (guitar), Dan Hole (bass) and Danny Southwell (drums), Thyla has been making headlines across press and radio with their debut EP What’s

On Your Mind? earlier this year. “Lenox Hill” is from the quartet’s upcoming sophomore EP Everything at Once, which will be out on January 24, 2020. Stay tuned for a release party date early next year.