Koresma Lures Us Into The Road Not Taken In “New Frontier”

Ambient electronica

Photo: The Playground PR

Electronic producer Koresma triggers our need for adventure in new single “New Frontier” where he catapults us into an ambient soundscape filled with stretchy synths and echo-drenched atmosphere. It’s explosive yet feels like a giant sonic marshmallow at the same time. The intricate layers add a level of classiness to it, making you feel like you’re listening to a symphony of EDM and meditation music:

“The goal of this tune is to inspire hope and sense of adventure through the music. For myself getting out and exploring always leads to freedom and lots of growth. This song is about the new paths and roads that we haven’t travelled, yet are eager to explore,” shared Koresma.

Ryan Lindberg is the maestro behind Koresma who is originally from Florida, but now resides in LA. Ryan’s knack for music is inherent – his father was a violinist whereas his mother was a pianist. He grew up playing the piano before moving into guitar, which segwayed him to electronic music. “New Frontier” is from his upcoming EP North, which is part of a four-part series that follows his previous EPs (East and West). More details to come.