It’s Time To Procrastinate By Celebrating Hoops’ Return With Their New Single “They Say”

A gooey, effervescent harmony

Photo: James Lacroix

Indiana’s trio Hoops has been in an indefinite hiatus for the past 2+ years or so. But today, they’re back in full force with a new single titled “They Say” – which makes you want to take a raincheck from everything and just indulge in the flow state that the trio has seamlessly carved. “They Say” maneuvers into your sweet spot effortlessly as the lyrics drips the honeyed assurance: “They say you only get what you deserve / And honey you deserve the world.” Hit play:

Drew Auscherman (vox, guitar), Kevin Krauter (vox, bass), and Keagan Beresford (vox, keys, guitar) are the humans behind Hoops who took a much-needed break to focus on life outside of music. Their 2017 debut record Routines garnered critical acclaim across the press and playlists. Now that they’re back, the three will be hitting NYC stages soon, so make sure to go say hi:

12/4 – The Dance (Manhattan, NY, USA)