Dip Your Ears Into Alec Baker’s “Lava Pool”

Slacker pop

Photo: Courtesy of Mystic Sons

Swedish artist Alec Baker captures that rare moment of infatuation when we get completely immersed with someone in new single “Lava Pool.” As its title suggests, it’s a track bubbled with emotive intensity where the sizzling beats move in a heartthrob fashion. The breathy choruses of Alec is accompanied by gauzy echoes that evoke a multidimensional feel:

“I think the song encapsulates the experience of being one hundred percent absorbed in a moment with another person,” shared Alec Baker.

Viktor Jansåker is the human behind Alec Baker who is currently getting ready to release his debut EP. For the past two years, Viktor has been hopscotching among studios in Sweden, London, and New York to work with a wide range of producers and musicians. His previous works have been featured in various Spotify playlists.

“Lava Pool” is out now via Something Beautiful.