Cassidy King Helps Us To Consciously Uncouple From Toxic Relationships In “Polaroid”

It’s time to declutter any toxic shit from 2019

Photo: Adam Victor Martin

As the year ends and we prepare ourselves to hibernate, it’s time to declutter all the shit that no longer serves us and Cassidy King gives us a cathartic pop anthem titled “Polaroid” to detox our spiritual, emotional, and mental systems. Kicking off with a serene intensity, “Polaroid” quickly bursts like a dynamite where Cassidy’s croons go from smoke to fire. In here, Cassidy help us burn bridges with every toxic relationship we have – even if it involves family. So put “Polaroid” on and start the conscious uncoupling process:

“‘Polaroid’ is about realizing you have every right to let go. That it’s ok to separate yourself from toxic relationships, whether that be familial or romantic. You’re under no obligation to maintain a relationship for the needs of someone else, if it’s breaking you in the process,” shared the gal.

Cassid is currently working with Mike Tuccillo (Ingrid Michaelson), Louis Bartonlini (Doja Cat, Caleborate), Josh Sadler-Brown (Stanaj, Dylan Hyde), and regular collaborator Tahgi Turner on her upcoming 2020 EP.