Cj Pandit’s “Karelu” Is Your Word & Song Of The Day

Karelu: The mark something leaves on the skin when worn too tight

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Leicester artist Cj Pandit swirls us into the vortex of smudgy chromatic pop in new single “Karelu” – an airy, glistening piece where the whispery beats and hazy vocals that reminds us to practice the art of gratitude. It’s slippery and hauntingly lush as the effervescent atmosphere crafts an abstract space to ruminate. Enjoy:

“‘Karelu’ is centered around appreciating past relationships, friendships and family dynamics with all their flaws, and moving forward and seeing beauty in the toughest of times. Celebrating relationships and the marks we make on one another, the items we keep and leave behind, and the stories they encapsulate.”

The single comes with the launch of Cj’s zine and photography exhibition, Pandits Interactive Art Exhibition, which will run for one week at The Mill in Leicester’s Frog Island.