For All Of Us Who Have Become Pro At Wasting Time, Here’s Hockey Dad’s “I Missed Out”

Wasting time is an endorsable skill in our LinkedIn

Photo: Iain Laidlaw

Aussie duo Hockey Dad made a song about wasting time, which we’ve become pro at – it’s called “I Missed Out” and basically nails down all the FOMO, semi-regrets, and existential episodes we experience in the aftermath of wasting time. The video, directed by their friend Tom Healy, is a snapshot fest of the duo performing. So whether you let time slip by through TV binging, soul-killing job, Fortnite, Instagram, or other things, here’s a garage single that speaks to your regretful indulgences:

“A big theme on this song is the passing of time and how we deal with it. This song gives a nod to the people who spent their time the wrong way and have only realised now.” explained HB’s vocalist/guitarist Zach Stephenson.

The other half of Hockey Dad is Billy Fleming (drums) who has been friends with Zach since childhood. From being playdates, Zach and Billy have gone on becoming one of the fastest rising garage acts in Australia. They’ve played in various international festivals (SXSW, The Great Escape, Pukkelpop, etc.) and have dropped two critically-acclaimed albums Boronia (2016) and Blend Inn (2018). They’re currently on tour:

North America 2019

12/6 – Garfinkel’s Whistler (Whistler, BC, Canada)

12/8 – The Biltmore Cabaret (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

12/10 – The Gateway (Calgary, AB, Canada)

12/11 – The Starlite Room (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

12/13 – The Garrick (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

12/15 – The Back Room @ Colectivo Coffee (Milwaukee, WI, USA)

12/17 – Rum Runners (London, ON, Canada)

12/18 – Lee’s Palace (Toronto, ON, Canda)

12/19 – The 27 Club Ottawa (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Australia 2020

2/1 – Laneway Festival (Brisbane, Australia)

2/2 – Laneway Festival (Sydney, Australia)

2/7 – Laneway Festival (Adelaide, Australia)

2/8 – Laneway Festival (Melbourne, Australia)

2/9 – Laneway Festival (Fremantle, Australia)

2/29 – Farmer & The Owl Festival (Wollongong, Australia)