Daniella Mason Celebrates Badazz Females In New Video “Woman Lover Powerful”

Bringing her army of female warriors, bosses & friends together

Photo: Courtesy of Threebrand Media

Nashville-based artist Daniella Mason celebrates female camaraderie and power in her new chromatic video “Woman Lover Powerful” where she brings together an army of badass baes. It’s a booming, self-empowering pop anthem that makes the listener feel like they could do anything. With ceiling-breaking vocals and infectious swagger, “Woman Lover Powerful” feels like a melodic power suit:

“I wanted this video to tell the story that I’ve been storing deep in my belly for a long time— the rage and triumph over what society has demanded from me as far back as I can remember. But I didn’t want it to be a lonely tale of an angry woman scorned. I wanted to inject a sense of camaraderie, a sense of diverse thought and emotion, and all the things we are. I wanted to inject my community. Cue: all of my favorite Nashville lady artists joining me in my quest!,” Mason explainsed “I wanted this video to elevate all of us and to elevate our community as a whole— not just myself and my vision. They brought their everything and helped me show so many facets of womanhood. We see Cam, beautifully posing in her newly-announced pregnant state; we see Nightbirde, my friend who had breast cancer while we wrote this; and we see my friend and photographer, Jacqueline Day, remove her wig and reveal something she’s kept quiet. Every artist lent me their voice, their heart, and their body. They just brought it all together and helped me tell a story so much bigger than myself. And that’s really the only reason I’m here.”

Produced by Super Duper (R.LUM.R) and Robert Marvin (Tove Lo, Kelly Clarkson, Cher Lloyd), the track is from Mason’s upcoming EP Physical State, which will be out early next year.