HĒIR Is Karma In Carnal Form In Her New Single “My Love”

And karma is a—

Photo: Kevin Sinclair

Russian-Italian artist HĒIR does a seductively dangerous dance with the art of boyfriend embezzlement in her new single “My Love” where she captures the inexplicable obsession that possesses us when we see the person we love with the wrong person. And by wrong, dead wrong. “My Love” finds HĒIR playing the role of karma and we all know that karma is one merciless bitch you don’t wanna mess up with. It’s a song of seduction but also of revenge where HĒIR wants to rescue her love interest from the toxic claws of someone else. And she does so through her siren-like vocals that lure her listeners along with the glimmering guitar:

On her new single, HĒIR shared:

“‘My love’ talks about an obsessive love in which this girl is almost overwhelmed by the desire to be with a guy and she’s trying to seduce him far away from his current girlfriend, who so happens to not be treating him right. I can definitely relate to it.. we’ve all been there. It’s a ‘that boy is mine’ situation. I can relate both to the obsession and wanting to protect somebody you love at the same time.”

Patricia Manfield is the mastermind behind HĒIR, who is also a model (she has modeled for national campaigns for FENDI, Dior, Versace). Currently working on more music, expect to hear more from the gal next year.