Munnycat Is Hitting Million In Happiness Scale In New Single “Millionaire (jz+bncé)”


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

LA pop duo Munnycat is throwing dollars of happiness and optimism (figuratively, of course) in their new single “Millionarie (jz+bncé)” where they help us find gratitude and joy of being alive. Even if you’re not in the phase of your life that you want to be, it’s a piece that helps you amplify positivity from even the smallest things (think of the last time you had pizza). Nestled between buoyant ambience and bouncy dancefloor, “Millionarie (jz+bncé)” is a kick into your endorphins:

Regarding their new single, Munnycat’s K808 shared:

“We made this song while we were on a recording trip in Portland, and we had a lot of really cool organic instruments at our disposal that we don’t usually have access to. So we were having a ton of fun in the studio one day messing around with gear and I remember looking across the room at Khaled and thinking ‘Oooh, this is like a dream…’ and then the rest of the song came out almost like it was already written somewhere in the back of my mind. I couldn’t and still can’t believe that I get to a) make music for a living and b) do it with my soul mate. It’s crazy.”

Munnycat is comprised of producers and real-life couple K808 and Khaledzou, whose music has been featured in various brand campaigns including Adidas, New Balance, Wendy’s eBay, Xbox, and Target. Make sure to keep the couple under your radar.