XI.ME.NA Captures Her Growth To Motherhood In Her New EP ‘Before You’


Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

NY/Venezuela artist XI.ME.NA shares walk us through the growing process of becoming a mother in her new EP Before You. It’s a personal record inspired by the gal’s experience as she integrates the role of motherhood within her identity and perception. She opens up with an ode to her son, “High Moments,” making the record a tribute to him. It’s a slow-burning melody where her deep-cutting croons are tangled by the smoky synths that stretch and dissolve. The following anthem, “Before You,” is a minimalistic melody where XI.ME.NA lets the background choruses be the melodic powerhouse of the track. The track reflects XI.ME.NA before having a son where the gal reflects back and wraps up a chapter of her development. She further pushes her self-growth with “There’s Me,” a strings-laden track where her vocals dances with the riffs that introduces us to a stronger XI.ME.NA as both an artist and mother. The gal finishes the EP in a high note with “Lions,” the most upbeat track where she encapsulates us into a self-empowering mode with its splashing percussions and drum kicks

Regarding her EP, the gal shared:

“A year ago today⠀

I became a Mother⠀

These songs talk about ⠀

Who I was before (‘Before You’)⠀

Who I have become (‘There’s Me’)⠀

And how being with my son has me constantly flying high (‘High Moments’)⠀

Ximena Borges is the mastermind behind XI.ME.NA who has been making waves for her eccentric electropop sound. She has composed for the Heidi Latsky Dance Company and has been a soprano soloist since 2006. Aside from music, Ximena is fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. You can follow the gal on Instagram.