All The Rest’s “Far Apart” Is A Moody, But Too Groovy To Not Dance


Photo: Love By Mistakes

All The Rest reflects on the longing and heavy-hearted loneliness that one experiences in a long-distance relationship in new single “Far Apart.” It’s synthpop coated with melancholic lyrics that one can only understand when he/she is far from a loved one. BUT the track is too bouncy not to flex your choreographic skills – the choruses, “Fall apart,” pound the dancefloor as the shattering synths radiate with a glowing vibe. Play:

“’Far Apart’ is summed up version of the crazy journey I’ve been on for the past 4 years of my life. I’m in a long-distance relationship with an amazing girl who lives across the world from me. As you can imagine, it gets really hard sometimes. Recently we were in a bad place where we weren’t sure if the relationship was working. I was driving home one night, feeling really overwhelmed, and I started singing this sad chorus out loud, as though I was singing to her,” shared singer Baylee Waller.

All The Rest are Caleb Smith (guitar) and Baylee Waller (guitar), Tre Housman (bass) and Jud Harris(drums) who formed in a basement somewhere in Senoia, GA – a town mostly known for being the filming site of The Walking Dead. Their music has been lauded by press and critics, aside from surpassing 1.5 million streams.

More good things to come…