Boniface Reflects On The Pulverizing Nature Of First Love In “Keeping Up”

It’s beautiful but fragile

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Canadian artist Boniface breaks down the fragile fate of first love in new single “Keeping Up” where he walks us through his own intimate experience forming a rare bond with someone, but eventually ending in heartache. The video features the artist performing in Toronto where he channels hypnotic melancholia. “Keeping Up” is a look back into first heartbreak and the dooming allure of it:

Regarding his single, Boniface shared:

“In high school I met some friends that changed me forever. They all thought different, acted different than anyone I’d met, but everything about them seemed so right and so safe to me. I was a weird music nerd and they played music in basements and after a few nights getting wasted together there was a deep, platonic love between us. But love is complicated, and when you get close to people you start seeing the bad along with the good. You see the bad in yourself, the baggage you’re carrying and you realise everyone else has it too. You realise that no matter how hard you try, you’re going to make mistakes. ‘Keeping Up’ is about that realization. The first deep connections you make. The beauty and the tragedy of it all.”

Micah Visser is the maestro behind Boniface who named his moniker after the neighborhood he grew up in Winnipeg. “Keeping Up” is from Boniface’s upcoming self-titled debut record, which will be out on February 2020.