Cassowary Takes Us On A Risqué Post-Disco Hangover In “She Funked Me”

And it makes you wanna dance even more

Photo: Kristy Benjamin

Cassowary waltzes us away on rendezvous of post-disco and R&B in his debut single “She Funked Me.” The video features a screen-inception where we see Cassowary waiting for his love interest in one screen while the other depicts the gal strolling with a swag. There are two levels of sensualities with this video: first is the visual, where it captures the glowing youth and carnal desire of the two characters. Then is Cassowary’s vocals that slither with a luring quivering fashion into your system – it’s a feast to your senses:

Miles Shannon is the maestro behind Cassowary who was born in Inglewood and raised in LA. As a kid, he grew up listening to the jazz records that he inherited from his grandfather as well as the pan-genre rap crew, the Fugees, thanks to his mother. After high school, instead of attending the esteemed musical universities he got accepted, he decided to move into New York and immerse himself into the local jazz scene for a few months. Cassowary now resides in LA where he is songsmithing and making our playlists better.