Grant Knoche Kisses Liars Goodbye Unapologetically In “Sorry For The Honesty”

The perfect song to fire any liars in your life

Photo: Courtesy of Love By Mistake

Meet Grant Knoche, a 17-year-old transplant from Dallas who now lives in LA and has already recorded a top 10 Billboard Albums. His latest single “Sorry For The Honesty” is a perfect social ‘weed-out’ anthem where he dismisses all the shitty people out of his life – the cheaters, liars, trolls, etc. It’s unapologetically savory and keeps you hooked in the punchy deep bass where Grant chants with a cool, aloof demeanor – basically, he ran out of fucks to give:

In regards to his music, Grant shared:

“I am addicted to music. It’s a huge inspiration for me. When writing lyrics I look at my own situations or at close people around me and take what they are going through and incorporate it into my music. Ever since I was little I’ve always been drawn to very unique and different types of music and strive to achieve the same in my music. I want people to hear it and make them feel a way that they’ve never felt before. Having creative control is unbelievably important to me and the reason I love writing and producing myself is so that I can create exactly what I want and love – and I can be me!”

Keep an eye out for more Knoche goodness next year.