Here’s Misty Mtn’s “Woah, I’m Older” To Remind You How Old You Are – You’re Welcome

Aging is dying slowly, physically and spiritually

Photo: Courtesy of Snake Family

Through deliberate layers of dripping melody and sharp choruses, LA-based duo Misty Mtn hits us with that existential punch we feel when we realize that we’re aging in new single “Woah, I’m Older.” It’s a cheery track that conceals the sadness of hoarding more years into your life and realizing you don’t get wiser with age – you still don’t understand your tax forms and vaguely know what gluten is. It’s a party track for your existential meltdown that makes you wanna YOLO and regret at the same time::

Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall are the people behind Misty Mtn who started making music together in 2017 and quickly garnered buzz across the New York indie scene. They relocated to LA in 2018 and released their self-produced debt EP Missed Your Call this year, garnering praises from local media. The duo is set to perform at The Satellite this Thursday:

11/21 – The Satellite (Los Angeles, CA, USA)