Robotaki Gives Us Philosophical & Cosmic Lessons In His Latest Singles “Los Angeles” / “Quasar”

Double release, double wisdom

Photo: Domenic Lisi

You probably heard of Robotaki from SoundCloud or those music YouTube channels (aka Majestic) with artsy photos on the background. And as much as we wanted to imagine him as Lego-looking robot making music, Preston Chin is an actual human who has been cross-pollinating electronic music with all kinds of genres that has offered us a soundscape to take shelter in. Today, he has released two new bangers: “Los Angeles” and “Quasar.” But it’s not just a song that you hear, it’s a song where he imparts his own wisdom on life and the universe. “Los Angeles” is “about hope for a theoretical place where we all live forever and don’t have to worry about the expectations of temporary life. In other words, a place where we don’t feel the need to find self-purpose against the clock,” shared Preston. Hit play:

“’Quasar’ is literally about quasars; super-massive black holes that suck in matter and emit radiant energy, that consistently feed each other at a universal level.”

Preston left a masters degree in Cell Biology to pursue music full-time and since then, he has released various viral hits and made waves across the media. He is currently working on his debut album, which will be out in 2020 via Foreign Family Collective.