Sarah Proctor Takes Us To That Awkward Pre-Breakup Phase In “Say Too Much”

When your relationship is ‘fine’…at least on social media

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

As the year ends and we reflect on our relationships, we arrive to the sad conclusion that some of them have expired. But we’ll most likely keep them and drag them into 2020 until we reach a breaking point. Sarah Proctor puts that awkward situation into a mellow, heart-burning piece titled “Say Too Much” where she reverberates all the thoughts that cross our minds when we realize that the spark has faded. It’s serene and moody, which makes it perfect to cozy up with a latte as you do some emotional cleanse:

“Say Too Much” is from Sarah’s upcoming EP Show Your Love, which will be out on January 23, 2020. She’s also playing her first headline show that day, so go say hi:

1/23 – Kansas Smitty (London, UK)