St. Bishop’s “Sleep It Off” Will Convince You How Evil Your Social Media Is


Photo: Courtesy of A Badge Of Friendship

Irish artist St. Bishop addresses the instant gratification epidemic that is damaging our mental health in new single “Sleep It Off,” a radiant piece that peels through the emotions we undergo when we live under the pressure of gramming the perfect life. Through swelling synths and raw lyricism, St. Bishop channels the toxic mental state we get trapped into when we are building the picture perfect life online:

On the new single, St. Bishop explained that “its about the hunt for social gratification. Over the years, social media has been something that I love to use but also something that triggers anxiety. As soon as anyone asks how you’re doing you pretend that you’re fine. If you do decide to open up, you sugar coat it and ‘sleep it off’ but you don’t, you lie there in your own sadness and let it take you over. From talking to friends I know that most people who use social media feel the weight of these pressures.”

Stephen Bishop is the guy behind St. Bishop who is an unapologetically out artist and admires those who also stay true to their identities. For the past year, he’s been working with some of the most renowned producers in Ireland, so make sure to keep him under your radar.