Between Love & Depression, Ollie Trevers’ EP ‘Cordelia’ Will Destroy & Mend Your Hope

Indie rock

Photo: Courtesy of Lost In The Manor

London-based artist Ollie Trevers juggles the unexpected highs and unwanted lows of love in his EP Cordelia. It’s an intimate portrait of heartbreak where Ollie deals with the sudden, unexpected nature of endings and the aftermath of emotional shitstorm (depression, longing, addictions, etc.) that we’re left to deal alone. As dark as this may sound, Cordelia stands as a rocking record that re-channels the tension and emotional weight in a refreshingly cathartic way. Drawing elements of prog, psychedelia, and folk, Ollie constructs a picture that at times feels so calm whereas during other instances it explodes:

Ollie has been writing and performing since he was 14 and has played in various bands. He released his first solo EP Saucy Naughty Rubbish back in 2018 and has been making buzz across the local scene. He will be performing across the UK in the upcoming months and will be announcing more dates in Europe and Nashville for 2020:

30th November – Camden Assembly, London

23rd January – Nambucca, London

31st January – The Finsbury, London