Geoffroy Introduces Us To A Brazilian Cult In “When Everything Is Gone”

A look into Vale do Amanhecer cult

Photo: Courtesy of Show Your Bones PR

Montreal-based artist Geoffroy introduces us to a Brazilian cult called Vale do Amanhecer in his documentary music video “When Everything Is Gone.” Vale do Amanhecer is a cult that believes that extraterrestrials were hidden inside human bodies and we see them discuss this in the beginning of the video. So, how on earth did Geoffroy ran into them? Good old fashion National Geographic. After reading an article on them, he decided to join forces with Director Didier Charette to capture the spiritual community:

“It [Vale do Amanhecer] seemed interesting and mysterious to us, we had to go check it out for ourselves. They were kind enough to welcome us in Brazil and let us film their rituals and interview them.,” shared Geoffroy.

Charette continued, “It became apparent to me that the story I needed to tell was about energy and not about differences, what we were seeing was really special. Of course, everything we were seeing was kind of sugar-coated in colours and various stimulations of our senses. I decided to represent it as I felt it, it is obviously very abstract to represent energy so visually. I went back to old paintings in the community, I wanted to be as true as possible to their beliefs but also show what we felt.”

Geoffroy broke into the scene with his 2017 debut record Coastline, which amassed more than 25 million streams. “When Everything Is Gone” is from Geoffroy’s sophomore record 1952, which is out now via Bonsound. He is currently on tour, so don’t miss him.

North America 2019

16 Nov – Quebec, QC – Le Studio, Le Grand Theatre (SOLD-OUT)

20 Nov – Brooklyn, NY, USA – Zone One at Elsewhere

27 Nov – Toronto, ON – Longboat Hall

28 Nov – Ottawa, ON – The 27 Club

North America 2020

13 Feb – Kelowna, BC – Blue Grotto

14 Feb – Victoria, BC – Lucky Bar

15 Feb – Vancouver, BC – The Fox

20 Feb – Edmonton, AB – Temple

24 Feb – Saskatoon, SK – Amigos

25 Feb – Winnipeg, MB – Good Will Social

21 Mar – Corona Theatre, Montréal, QC