Cherryade’s “Feel Good” Is A Survival Anthem Made Of Gummy Bears & Painkillers

Distortedly gorgeous pop

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

UK duo Cherryade, aka Ella and Alex, finishes off this year with another chaotic Frankenstein of pop, hip-hop, and trap with their latest single “Feel Good” – an anthem of survival that was made from jelly babies and mind-numbing painkillers. It’s posh and pounding as Cherryade reminds you to not let your haters get to you:

Regarding the single, Alex shared: “We just really wanted to make a bunch of songs that were fun and carefree, and not overthink things. This song’s about having thick skin and not letting people drag you down, which we’ve learnt is a lot easier said than done. I want to say I feel like we’re like pop underdogs, but at this point it’s more like pop cockroaches – we just won’t die”.

Ella added: “We wrote this song when we both had migraines and wanted to die… but we powered on through thanks to Haribo and painkillers and it was worth it.”

“Feel Good” is from their upcoming EP Sinking Ship, which will be out early next year.