Ruby Red’s “Superbloom” Is What Internet Looks Like On Acid

It kinda looks retro, but also looks like the future

Still from Ruby Red – Superbloom (Official Video)

LA-based duo Ruby Red throws a glorious party of Internet, 90s, and nature in new video “Superbloom.” Directed by Seth Damany, the video is what the cyberworld would like if a Millennial herban was on acid and thinking about childhood while also wondering if iOS from the future would look the same as now (disclaimer: it won’t but the update will keep slowing the fuck down your computer so you’ll spend 7,000 on the new model):

Ruby Red are Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine who decided to form a band in 2018. They’ve been making music together since elementary school, starting from shitty Green Day covers to funky psych pop that keeps spinning in your brain. The end.