Bad Sounds Made A Song About How Guilty You Feel By Just Being Human

Their faces capture our default mood

Photo: Jess Greaves

UK act Bad Sounds, a quintet fronted by siblings Callum and Ewan, captures the self-induced guilt of being human and destroying everything in their new electropop single “Breathe.” It’s a helpless analysis of the human condition that we’ve all experienced, but have hard time voicing out coz there’s not much we can do. Through swiveling synths and burnt-out vocals, “Breathe” is a chiffony journey that lets you dissect your guilt while also watching people get murdered in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as you shop your Black Friday stuffs. That’s life:


Bad Sounds’ Callum explained: “‘Breathe’ is about the inescapability of our own human nature. How we are destructive purely by existing, and it isn’t something we can help. Some of us carry the burden of that responsibility and truly feel the guilt of being human. We’re all kind of hoping that it means something in the end, but perhaps that’s just desperately optimistic. Naive even. Also there is a chainsaw at the start.”

“Breathe” is from their upcoming EP Escaping From A Violent Time vol. 1, which will be out on January 17th, 2020. They will also be playing across the UK next May and will be announcing more shows soon:

Fri 1 May- Deaf Institute, Manchester

Tue 12 May- Lafayette, London

Wed 13 May- The Fleece, Bristol