Love You Later’s “Said That You’d Be There” Is About That Person Who Flaked

We’ve all come across that one person

Photo: Sara Anne Waggoner

LA-based artist Love You Later nestle us into the starry-eyed soundscape of having high hopes for someone who ends up flaking in new single “Said That You’d Be There.” Inspired by a date that ended up not showing up, the track is a lustrous groove where Love You Later captures the lovesick symptoms of idealizing the romance you want to have with someone. But within the quixotic air, there is melancholia that comes from one’s own intuition – that little voice that warns you – it’s a flaker:

“‘Said That You’d Be There’ was written after an instance when I got led on and let down. I’m notorious for getting my hopes up especially when it’s a boy that says he’ll be at my show on ‘Friday’ and never showed. I always wanted that Freaky Friday moment where my crush comes to my show, front row, we make eye contact the entire time, and it feels like it’s only us two in the room. That’s just my hopeless romantic speaking loudly, but it sounded pretty promising to me,” shared LYL.

Lexi Aviles is the human behind Love You Later who has been making music at the age of 11 after getting her first instrument, a guita-kidding, a ukulele. “Said That You’d Be There” is from her upcoming sophomore EP, which will be arriving early 2020.