Tennyson’s ‘Telescope’ EP Is A Magnified Reflection Of Our Daily Existentialism

A synthphony that travels through the cosmos and out brain

Artwork: Waneella

Through voluminous ambience and chill-inducing rhythms, Tennyson gives us a magnetic look into our own existentialism that we juggle with in their new EP Telescope. The Canadian duo’s latest record is a heftily coated synthphony that glows and darkens at the same time as Tennyson breaks down the thoughts of loneliness, digital dependency and stagnancy that haunt us. Stream below:

“Each song has its own world to me, but some themes I think they share are: The total mystery of anything existing, the clarity of being alone, everyday life, stillness,” shared Tennyson.

The EP’s artwork is by the Russian visual artists Waneella where she portrays both the growth and deterioration of technology. It is also inspired by Tennyson’s journey to Japan. “Everything in Japan is staggeringly beautiful, and in an almost unconscious way. And yet when you search for images of Japan, all you get are corny over-saturated photos of blossom trees and temples. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s in every plant growing through the sidewalk, the pylons, road paint, grocery stores. Waneella’s work captures this beauty and exaggerates just enough so that it matches the memory of being there and not the iPhone photo you took.”

Tennyson is Luke Tennyson and Tess Pratty.