Autumn In June’s New Song Makes Drunk-Dialing Your Ex Sound Weirdly Dreamy

“Call Me When The Party’s Over”

Photo: Daisy Karina

There’s nothing ‘reverie’ about drunk-dialing your ex after having your 5th shot – it’s one of those things that feels so right at that time, but will haunt you for six months or so afterwards. LA-based artist Autumn In June is a victim of drunk-dialing – but instead of being the caller, he’s the receiver. And – like any good artist – he made a song about it titled “Call Me When The Party’s Over,” an exquisitely lush piece that captures the weird emotional magnetism we feel to  call our exes:

As he puts it, the song was inspired by an ex-girlfriend that used to always call me after we had broken up.” Now, make sure to a) keep an eye out for more drops and tour news from AIJ and b) delete your ex numbers. Unless you memorized it, in which case, you need a life do-over.