Black Fly Holds Vitality Auditions In New Video “Green”


Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

Black Fly is as mysterious as his photo that looks like it was taken with a flip phone around 2005s. Based in Vermont, he crafts celestially introspective sound that lets you reorganize and declutter your thoughts. His latest Patrick Golan-directed, “Green,” is food for your brain where he pokes into the concept of finding vitality – no matter how monochrome and bland things may seem:

“’Green’ was filmed in and around the boroughs of NYC with the help of a large cast. The video is intercut between an interior and exterior world. Documenting people with a variety of backgrounds all trying to relate and relay the same material.

From cramped audition, to performance in various frigid winter locations, each actor lip-synchs over the same stabbing synths and perpetual beat. In mood and in message, ‘Green’ aims to find the vitality in bleakness,” explained Black Fly.

“Green” is out now via Samedi Records.