Cape Lion’s “Deceiving” Is What Happens When You Finally Speak To That Train Stranger

It’s either hit or miss

Photo: Courtesy of The Wanderlvst

The idea of talking to strangers in the train evokes dramatic Hollywood-esque scenes – either we get a romcom experience or gruesomely go missing like in a thriller. Cape Lion settles for more positive and dreamy alternative in his new video “Deceiving” where we see two people who strike a convo that develop into a deeper connection. With glowing tints of 70s and celestial atmospherics of contemporary pop, “Deceiving” puts you in a starry-eyed bubble that keeps floating:

On the video, Director Kaspar Kamu explained: “We’ve all locked eyes with a stranger on a train before. We let our mind and imagination run amok and – for a moment – we envision a future, long or short, with the other person. Very few of us have the courage to act on instinct and instead it ends up a fleeing an obsolete memory the moment that person steps off the train. And out of our lives.”

Originally from Stockholm, Cape Lion is currently working on his upcoming EP, which will be arriving in spring 2020.