Ground Your Energy Through The Holiday Chaos With GHSTWRLD’s “Everything” Ft. Metaxas


Photo: Courtesy of Katsu

Whether you’re traveling through a jungle of aggressive mob or getting haunted by jingle bells, GHSTWRLD offers the best way to ground your spirits with their latest single “Everything” featuring Cypriot artist Metaxas. It’s a sparkly single where the tinkling synths and deep vocals of Metaxas feel like a guided meditation that helps to keep your shit together. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who will be having a very chill holiday, then this is your key to festive nirvana:

“‘Take It Slow’ materialised in Atlanta when we started working again as a group after a four-year hiatus. We had been listening to a lot of organic sampled grooves and harvesting ideas in the studio for inspiration. Slowing down, shutting out the noise, deep breathing and re-centering one’s energy are the themes we wanted to explore both musically and lyrically,” shared Metaxas.

“Take It Slow” is out now via Majestic Casual.