Loveday Dissects Our Late Teens’ “Superficial Life”

The days of partying with the wrong crowd

Photo: Courtesy of Ihartpr

Hailing from Warwickshire, UK, Loveday is a 20-year-old artist whose voice has grown across radio stations and synthpop scene. But along with it, she has also gone through that weird artificial stage of late adolescence when you’re genuinely lost and let external distractions dictate your life. “Superficial Life” is the song that was born out of those hollow experiences of partying with the wrong crowd – it’s moody, buoyant, and puts you into a self-retrospective mode:

The gal explained:

“When making ‘Superficial Life,’ I wanted to go for something completely different. I have changed so much as a person over the last year and wanted my music to express that progression and growth that I have experienced entering my 20’s. The song is about where I was at a few years ago, I was going out to clubs twice a week for months on end before I turned 18. At that time I was struggling with that the question that teenagers ask themselves time and time again: ‘WHO AM I?!?’. I really had no idea, but one day I realised that even though its important to have fun, there was so much more to me than going out and getting legless every week and dumbing myself down. I explain in the song that there was pretty much zero emotional support going on between me and the people I was surrounding myself with, there was never really an in-depth conversation, and I didn’t realise the effects that had on me until I’d removed myself from the situation.”

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