City Park’s “Remedy” Was Made For All Of Our Nocturnal Regrets

Including that party you overstayed

Photo: Sammy Huijts

Glazed with the moody shimmering layers of R&B, City Park’s “Remedy” captures the deceitfully promising high of the night and the regrets that follow it in a smoothly fizzling soundscape. With its pop melodic skeleton, “Remedy” stands as a dance of its own where the duo capture the haunting need to alleviate loneliness – yet finding out you’re even lonelier than ever within the crowd:

In their own words, “it’s about looking for a remedy for regretful nights.” The duo further added, “the times you know you’re not going to do yourself any good, staying at parties too long waiting for something to happen.”

“Remedy” is from the duo’s upcoming sophomore EP, which will be out next year.