Night Flight’s “David” Is A Farewell To Forgotten Relationships

Indie folk

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel PR

As the year ends and we are doing some serious decluttering, Night Flight gives us the ultimate track that we can chill, mourn, and move on titled “David.” With its shimmering strings and swollen riffs, “David” beckons you into a space of meditation where the quartet lets you take emotional inventory as you filter out all the relationships that have expired in your life. It’s moody, but refreshing:

“‘David’ is the coming to terms of the end” shared guitarist/singer Sam Holmes. “A realisation that what once was, will no longer be; that someone you’ve known for so long, will now only exist in memory.”

“David” is from the band’s upcoming EP White Noise, which will be arriving February 28th via CRC Records. Make sure to keep your ears out for more news from the London quartet in the upcoming weeks