Tokyo Tea Room’s ‘Dream Room’ EP Is A Mental Rendezvous

Psych pop

Photo Credit: Gloria Royer

UK band Tokyo Tea Room catapults our minds into the flurry heaven of our imagination in new EP Dream Room, a psych pop record that explores the hazy corners of our subconsciousness. With gliding strings and bursting synths, the band create a chaotically organized sound that showers you with a mélange of flavors. The opener, “Things Are Changing,” feels like a cannonade aerated beats as they capture the ambivalent nature of change. “Designer” waltzes with its echo-laden riffs that keeps your mood suspended in the air. “Forever Out Of Time” is a slightly down-tempo jam that lets you reflect on your weird relationship with time. “Always Tomorrow” is a slow-core waltz where the hissy vocals give you that Xanax effect you need with the promise of a better tomorrow:

Dream Room is out now via A Certain Kind Records.