Kyson’s “One & Other” Is An Uncensored Look Into Childlike Adult Romance


Photo: Courtesy of Here For Good Publicity

Berlin-based artist Kyson is offering us an uncensored look into romance in new single “One & Other” where he taps into the childlike behaviors that love can drive us to do. “One & Other” has a smooth, consistent riffage where Kyson keeps you afloat in the emotional highs of being fully immersed into someone – to the extent that you drive each other crazy:

“When in a romantic relationship, I feel the inner child is perhaps in its most conscious and dynamic state,” explained Kyson. “We fight, we shout, we bottle things up, we hide things but then of course there’s joy, endless curiosity and love all at the same time. We are at our most vulnerable. I’m just trying to talk about finding that balance of being yourself and

being open to change.”

“One & Other” is from Kyson’ upcoming self-titled LP, which will be out on January 17, 2020 via B3SCI Records.