Odette Peters Addresses The Tricky Bond Between Women & Patriarchy In “Lose My Mind”

Jazzy neo-soul

Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Online

UK artist Odette navigates through the tricky labyrinth of power that women live in a male-dominated workplace in her new single “Lose My Mind.” The video portrays Odette through a retro cinematic lens that showcases Odette in different personas. Lyrically, the song tells the story of a young female professional who faces an unexpected rival in the patriarchal system she’s in:

On her new song, Odette shared: “I wrote the lyrics for ‘Lose My Mind’ after I’d overheard a conversation about a young woman who had entered a very male-dominated work place and found the only person who she felt really didn’t want her to move up through the company and succeed was in fact another woman. The woman in question was older and higher up the company in a superior roll in the business who obviously saw this young woman entering the company as a threat.

“In a system where women currently make up approximately half of entry-level employees

but only 22% of leadership and executive roles, a statistic even more abysmal for women of colour, it makes no sense at all to put down other women rather than support them. This

woman should have been competing to make space for other women in high-paying roles

in her company rather than competing against another woman – she didn’t see who the

true enemy was.”