Thyla’s New Video “Lenox Hill” Was Made Of Pure Joy & Zero Budget

And a large dose of boldness

Photo: Sapphire Needham

Brighton post-punk act Thyla has dropped the music video for “Lenox Hill” where we see frontwoman Millie Duthie hit various spots across the city in funky outfits. The video looks like Millie is the only earthling existing and she’s having a grand time cavorting cements to grass. It’s chic and feels like every hermit’s dream come true:

“The urge to put ‘Lenox Hill’ to video was too strong to ignore so we decided to try and shoot something essentially for free. We bought a gimbal stabiliser off amazon and used Danny’s iPhone to shoot the whole thing, turns out all you need is some outfits, a willingness to look a bit silly to passers by and a whole load of patience for editing in iMovie and you’ve got yourself a music video! We had a lot of fun making it and we hope it sheds some light on the song and how it makes us feel,” shared Millie.

“Lenox Hill” is from Thyla’s sophomore EP Everything at Once, which will be out on February 7th.