Lex Leosis Voices Out Her Unapologetic Flair In “I Don’t Play That”


Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Lex Leosis makes music that helps us diminish BS from our lives – her latest anthem “I Don’t Play That” is a bold hip-hop piece where Lex encourages us to voice out our minds and stand up for our beliefs. With punchy lyricism and pounding rhythm, “I Don’t Play That” showcases Lex’ infectious badassery:

From Toronto to California, Lex has been honing her creative craft while also collaborating with a diverse crowd of artists. For the past two years, Lex has been devoting her time being part of the hip-hop act The Sorority. The group has gone on to releasing a critically acclaimed debut record and touring Canada alongside various artists. On top of her artistry, Lex also serves as a mentor for the hip-hop communities in Hamilton and Toronto where she helps kids to write, rhyme, rap, and be bold.