Theodor Black Drops Self-Preservation Anthems “Slow Burns” & “Anxiety”

“Learnt my lessons and grew up strong / now I’m black boy militant”

Photo: Curls

London-based artist Theodor Black navigates through the confusion and anxiety that we face as we grow older and more conscious of our external environment in his new singles “Slow Burns” and “Anxiety.” Both tracks serve as survival guides when facing change – whether that’s physical or emotional level – that can overwhelm us. Built on a nocturnal vibe, Theodor’s smoky croons raps its way through the angst with a heartfelt introspection:

Regarding “Slow Burns,” Theodor explained: “The song speaks of perseverance and growth, even in times of hardship…inspired by my realisation of the disintegration of the city space, London as we know it is slowly burning away whilst nobody notices its decay.”

On “Anxiety,” he commented:

“‘Anxiety’ speaks on my first time experiencing it, that feeling when your heart starts racing and the room starts to spin I thought I was going to die. In the song I’m telling it to go away and leave me alone.”

Stay tuned for more Theodor goodness next year.